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his quest starts at Gludin. Once there, make your way to the west entrance, and talk to Captain Bezique, who will give you a letter to deliver.

Take the letter to Neti, who�s on the north half of town. She�ll give you Neti�s Bow and Neti�s Dagger. You can only use these two weapons for the entire quest, and they are very weak in my opinion, so you can either suffer through it, or spend a little more money on soulshots.

Head over to the Ruins of Sorrow, and kill Spartoi until you get 10 bones. Killing the skeletons is another option, but they don�t drop the bones as often.

Go back to Neti for a Horseshoe of Light.

Go to Captain Bezique who tells you about some stolen items that you need to retrieve. He�ll also give you a Wanted Bill.

Hunt Cat�s Eye Bandits to retrieve the stolen items, a necklace, tomes, jewelry, and a ring. If you walk to gludio from gludin, you�ll see them alongside the road.

Once done, talk to Captain Bezique again, and he�ll give you a recommendation. Talk to Grandmaster Ramos, and give him the recommendation. If you�re at least level 20, you�ll become a Human Rogue.
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